Super Motivated (Adult) Student!

Ogochi I got an email from Ogochi several weeks ago asking me about adult lessons, and I asked her if she had a reliable bike.  Her response: “Yes, I recently purchased a bicycle, assembled it & just need to take the next step of learning to ride.”  Wow, that is one motivated student.  I was a little nervous about a new rider assembling her own bike and asked that she take it to the bike shop for a quick safety check.  She later told me it was just the easy parts she assembled (still, that’s pretty impressive for someone completely new to bikes).

When she arrived, she was ready to go.  And all smiles.  When she’d get nervous, she’d laugh nervously.  The good news.  She was balancing very quickly and we were able to advance through all the parts of the lesson fairly quickly.  I’m so glad that she got the urge to get a bike and learn to ride it, as she is a natural.  There were times she’d swerve this way and that, but she’d quickly correct her direction.  She mastered starting the bike right away, too

After we were done, we discussed bike safety and riding in traffic on roads.  We also had to wrestle her bike rack a little bit.  She was in great spirits and very proud as she left. 

Proof positive once again that it’s never too late to learn.


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