These Two Never Quit

CandO Today, my students were two sisters, Claire (9) and Olive (7), and these two were a lot of fun to teach to ride.  Teaching two siblings at the same time always presents pro’s and con’s.  The younger one always wants to do as well (or better) than the elder, which helps with motivation, but also can push them a little too hard.  But Olive was up to the challenge.

Both listened well and picked up on all the tips and techniques.  Claire quickly got to a good form and was on her own.  Meanwhile, her sister would watch me let go of her shoulder and see her riding on her own.  So Olive naturally said she wanted me to let go of her, too.  With her being two years younger she wasn’t quite ready for that (as she was weaving a little too much), but you have to admire her bravery.  Not sure I recall any student ever asking to be let go.  Quite the opposite.

They both had bells on their bikes so we’d ring them whenever something good happened which was often.  Claire is a full graduate of the class (and even asked for one more round after she was done), and Olive is really close and probably will be riding 100% on her own in her next practice (she was on her own a little bit her and there).

Both girls had great attitudes and Olive kept me laughing the whole two hours!  When wrapping up, we talked about how they both overcame their fear or lack of ability to succeed in biking.  And their mom reminded them that their family motto is “Never quit.”  No doubt!  Enjoy the new freedom of cycling girls!


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