The FIRST Adult Cyclist!

vini What an adventure today.  Vini is the mom of Anika, who learned to ride with me a year ago (her story).  She has seen Anika flourish on the bike and really wants to ride with her.  So she bravely came for a lesson on her brand new bike.  It’s a big deal and a harder lesson for lots of reasons.  The bike is bigger and it’ll turn very easily.  Plus, it is heavier and will lean for a new rider. 

In a lot of ways, Vini had the same experience as the kids.  Except she can communicate her frustration and fear better than a kid.  We made many adjustments to get her more comfortable and be relaxed.  Another challenge is I have to have a really firm grip on her shoulder to ensure I can help her balance while running really fast to keep up with the larger wheels.  We had to learn proper braking early in the lesson for that reason.

During the lesson, rain would come and go.  We worked through some of it, took a break through some harder stuff.  Then she really started to get it.  It’s cool to hear how it feels from an adult perspective on how the lesson gets easier as she’s learning to ride.  Kids have a hard time putting this into words.

Vini was making minor adjustments and continuing to progress as the rains returned.  We snuck in a few more runs up and back, but then the heavens really opened up and it started pouring.  And lightning!  Very near by.  After checking the weather map, it was clear it would be a while before it cleared up.  So, I took her bike hostage and kept it so she’d come back and finish her lesson.  (It was raining so hard, we’d be 100% soaked in seconds trying to get the bike back into the car.)  She was happy with that plan as she doesn’t want to practice yet without my help, plus she doesn’t know how to start yet.  I’m looking forward to Part II of her lesson soon so we can finish what we started.  So close!


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