Sibling Rivalry

MandA Yesterday’s students came ready to learn.  Both Miriam (10) and Aaron (6) had shiny new bikes and all the equipment for riding on two wheels.  Both are very smart!  It’s always fun to talk about gravity and friction while discussing bike dynamics. 

Miriam learned very quickly.  She was a little nervous, but as soon as she felt she was controlling the bike 100% herself, she shouted with glee (really, “glee” is a very appropriate word for Miriam).  Aaron made very strong progression throughout the lesson.  He loved explaining to me how the bike works.  Like many boys, he showed up with the tendency to practically jump off the bike (or cling to me) at the first sign of trouble.  He also had the typical lean (where one shoulder would rise practically to his ear and the other sink).  So we fixed all that, and all that is left is a little more practice to maintain control.

Perhaps, my favorite moment (other than the 100% riding solo) is when Aaron took a spill.  I was right there to grab him, but he dinged his ankle.  He claimed it was “twisted.”  So I said, let’s walk it off.  He limped along for 15 feet.  So I offered him a deal:  we’d race back to the bike and if he could beat me, he was done for the day.  You can guess the outcome.  He ran hard (on a so-called-twisted ankle), did not beat me, and continued the lesson as he ankle was clearly AOK.  Nice try, buddy.

It was a long lesson, but always well worth it to see the kids gain confidence.  And in Miriam’s case start riding around the cul-de-sac as I focused more on Aaron.  Of course, he couldn’t help but be a little jealous of his sister.  But sometimes, that’s a perfect motivator…

More practice to come and good news I’m sure.  Their ultimate plan is to visit fun places as a family where biking is popular and fun.


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