The 70/30 Rule

BradyBrady came for a lesson today and we talked about skateboards, scooters, and video games a lot at the start.  These are all the things he’d rather be doing than riding a bike.  My goal was to flip that around.  He was definitely nervous at the start.  We talked about falling a little (his choice, not mine).  Then more.  Then again.  So, I decided we needed to simulate a nice crash on the bike.  So, in super slo-mo, we both crashed to the ground.  Not surprisingly, we both (and the bike) survived without a scratch.  Then things started to get focused.

It took a little while, but Brady persevered.  Fortunately, we picked a great morning to learn.  Not super hot yet, a little cloud cover, and a breeze.  And then, all the pieces came together.  For every kid, it is different.  For Brady, we needed to relax his arms.  I still need to remember to do this–for me, it can lead to sore shoulders–for Brady, it leads to turning the front wheel too much.

So as we got close to finishing (another kid who likes to jump off before coming to a full stop!), I asked Brady if he likes biking more than video games.  He said 50-50.  I said, for now, I’ll take it.  But by time we finished and reviewed all that we learned, I asked again, and he said 70-30.  In this day and age of tons of video distraction, I’ll take 70 any day!  Enjoy riding Brady!!


BRADY UPDATE, 8/30/16:

IMG_2690I’ve been getting some video and pics from Brady’s family and I just had to share.  Within three days of his lesson, Brady was confident enough in his abilities to start tutoring his younger sister using my “tips.”   A day later, he was up and dressed by 7:00 AM to go out riding.  And last weekend, I got this pic with the caption, “Off for a morning ride!!!”  I think this tells the whole story on why I do this.


BRADY UPDATE, 7/19/17:

I got an email today from Brady’s mom with great news and a great pic.  I just love getting these.  Here it is:

I hope this email finds you doing well and enjoying your summer. I wanted to drop you another note of thanks for helping Brady learn to ride a bike last year. We did a 14 mile ride in Colorado today. It was spectacular! It would not have been possible without our lesson with you. Thank you again!!! brady2


2 Responses to “The 70/30 Rule”

  1. 1 Travis Federick August 18, 2016 at 12:46 am

    Three days later and Mr. B can now not WAIT to ride again!! Jeff – your patience with kids is truly remarkable and your passion for biking is undeniable. Thank you so much for teaching Brady the joy of biking…he’s SO proud of himself, as are Mom and Dad….Travis

    Mr jeff thank you so much!!!šŸ˜ƒšŸ˜ƒšŸ˜ƒ – Brady

  2. 2 jslipschultz August 30, 2016 at 5:15 pm

    The smile on your face in the follow up pics tells it all, Brady. So glad you’ve embraced all the fun of cycling!

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