Overcoming Fear, Another Cyclist is Born!

Anika When Anika showed up for her lesson today, she had no idea what to expect.  What she did know cycling is hard.  And the bike never seems to want to go straight.  Her mom shared before coming that she could not help her daughter all that much.  “Growing up in India, we did not have the money to buy a bike.  So I never learned to ride one myself,” she explained.

Anika would panic at the slightest move left or right and take her feet off the pedals.  So we pretended to glue them down and focused on being straight and overcoming imbalance.  It was a little cold and breezy, but Anika worked really hard for quite a long time for one lesson.  By the end, she was gaining a lot of confidence and could roll up a hill on her own.  And stop with the brakes (not her feet).

There still some practicing to be done of course, but her mom is very proud of her and said she has come a long way today.  Congrats, Anika!


Next day update:  Music to my ears (or email).  Anika was out practicing today and was doing great riding solo.  Working on the starts and turns and feeling more and more comfortable.  Her mom confirmed, “A cyclist is definitely born! :-)”


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