Training Is A Lot Like Juggling

Sorry for the lack of posts in a while.  As you’re probably aware, I’m training for a big time event….crossing the country by bicycle.  Yes, the time to go is close.  I’ve learned a lot about training throughout the year.  At some point, I’ll share some of the important points.  For now, I think the most critical lesson in training is time management.

When taking on a new goal, be sure to understand how much time will be required to achieve the goal by training properly.  Talk to others who have done it.  Evaluate everything you have going on and make sure you can prioritize (or de-prioritize) your commitments.  I have pedaled over 390 hours in the saddle this year.  A lot more than last year.  You have to be sure you can put in the time.  Not to mention sacrificing family time.  And of course, your company doesn’t stop depending on you just because you have a personal goal.  It is all part of one equation.  Make sure it all adds up right.

Time management also includes timing.  I’ve been getting up at 5:30 AM (not my usual) to get rides done before the day gets rolling.  I pile the miles on during the weekends.  I’ve even taken the bike with us to soccer games and ridden home.  Be creative and you can squeeze the training hours in.  The longer the training period is, the more creative you will have to be.

Training requires flexibility and commitment from not just you, but others in your life.  Make sure “your team” is on board, too.  They might be able to suggest when are optimal times to “disappear for a while,” too.

And once in while, let training take a break.  Let something else get in the way–and enjoy it.  After all, your training schedule will be there waiting for you tomorrow.


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