Ready for Launch?

j0289276Sometimes I’m so excited about a ride, I forget to do or bring something.  Not long ago, it was my helmet (didn’t get far fortunately).  Today it was my water bottles (I was 5 miles out before I realized this). 

As organized as I am most times, I’m overly organized about riding.  When I am going somewhere to ride, I always print my checklist. But a casual ride from home-base–not so vigilant.

Just like launching a rocket, it pays to have a checklist.  Or at least do a bike scan and physical equipment check (here’s mine):

Look at each part of your bike to ensure you have what you need.

Wheels:  Did I fill them with air?

Handlebar:  Do I have my bike computer?

Pedals:  Do you have my shoes? (If I’m driving somewhere first)

Bottle Holders:  Do I have my water/power drinks?

Bike Bag under Saddle:  Does it still have a spare tube, tire levers, multi-tool, and CO2 inside?

Then check myself:

Head:  Do I have my helmet?

Hands:  Do I have my gloves?

Face:  Do I have my glasses?

Feet:  Again, do you I my shoes?

Right Jersey Pocket:  Do I have my food (gels, bars, banana) and key to house/car?

Middle Jersey Pocket:  Do I have my phone (usually in a zip lock baggie)?

Left Jersey Pocket:  Do I have my emergency kit?

Emergency kit is a zip lock baggie loaded with: spare CO2 cartridge, Advil/Aleve in a contact lens case, patch kit, spare PowerBar gel, old insurance card, a few business cards (never know who you’ll meet on the road and want to trade numbers), and of course, money (this is how I bought some water today at Mile 15).

Everyone has there own way of staying organized.  Just stick to it so you don’t end up forgetting something important.

What else do you bring?  Feel free to leave a comment that might be helpful.


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