Bike Whisperer’s Goal Post Challenge is Underway!

You may have seen info on the web page above called “Share Your Goal.”  It is a program I started to help people commit to their 2010 Health and Fitness Goals.  After all, this is the time of year New Year’s Resolutions start to die.

So NOW is the time to recommit to that goal and be held accountable.  Like the Apollo 13 Mission, failure is not an option.

With the support of the Bike Whisperer and all the other Goal Posters, you are on a team that wants 100% achievement of everyone’s goals.  A little scary?  Maybe.  But, the rewards are great, the risk is minimal.

Email your goal today to

By the way, here’s a snippet of the email that went out to the first 14 goal posters today:

Hi Bike Whisperer Goal Posters,
You are the first to be on the “Share Your Goal” page on the Bike Whisperer’s Web Site.
Now, you didn’t expect to just send in your goal and simply report back when you accomplished it, did you?
Not a chance.  If you know the Bike Whisperer, you know he is all about accountability to a goal (see his post in the blog).

What does this mean to you?  I’ll tell you.

I’ll be checking in on you, or better yet hearing from you first every once in a while and will share your progress on our Goals page.  Yep, you are accountable to not only the Bike Whisperer (and yourself, of course), but all the others.

So, as you embark on your 2010 Journey to Greatness, a few questions to consider:
1 – Do you have a plan?  It should include mini-goals and milestones.  Perhaps shorter and easier than the penultimate goal.   If you’re all about weight loss, how are you going to do it?
2 – Do you have the support of your family and friends.  If not, get it.
3 – Do you need to remove certain barriers to success?  Get certain foods out of the house.  Buy the right equipment or a gym membership.  Get expert help, if you need it.  My wife is a big advocate of Weight Watchers (even more accountability there).  I hired a professional coach for my goal.
4 – Have you thought of why you are doing this?  A casual goal is nice.  A cause is better.  Is it for personal satisfaction? Health reasons? Can you raise money in the process for charity?  Think about it.  Give your goal more meaning.

If you have friends who should join us, tell them to email me.

You will succeed.  You will feel great about yourself.  You will look back on the experience as an inspiration for future greatness.

If you ever need to chat in between emails on progress, feel free to send in a note or tweet me @Bike_Whisperer. Or write on the Bike Whisperer’s Wall on FaceBook (  Or leave a comment on the blog Goal page.  Lots of ways to find me and for me to find YOU!

So, here we go!  You excited?  I am!

Remember.  Set it and get it, don’t forget it!

I’d wish you luck, but you don’t need it.
The Bike Whisperer


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